Why It is Bad When People Complement Your Work?

Anna Simpson
2 min readJun 15, 2020
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I used to do a lot of speaking. Free of charge.

Ever since I discovered my passion for motivational speaking, I was on fire. Every time there was an opportunity to speak, I would jump on it.

I loved the momentum and the process of getting good.

However, I really wanted to make money spreading the message of inspiration.

I used to love the compliments from the audience. “How come you are so young and so smart!” “I loved your speech!” “Very inspirational message!” Or, my ‘favourite’ one “I wish you great success.”

There weren’t such comments as: “We would like you to speak to our team.” Or “What is your speaking fee?”

While my ego was boosted, I wasn’t making any money, which, let’s be honest, is a far better compliment of your work.

I started researching and analysing the “paid speakers market”, I realised I had to be a subject matter expert.

“We don’t hire motivational speakers; we hire speakers of expertise.” Was a response from one very snobby and unpleasant event planner of an organisation I contacted.

That conversation kind of stopped me in my tracks.

I wasn’t really clear on what my expertise was. I could speak on leadership…



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