Why Do You Need to Develop Yourself in Order to Attract Love?

Anna Simpson
4 min readMay 30, 2019

Although you have to be yourself if you want to attract love and connect with someone special, your personal growth must be a priority for you.

Buzz words nowadays are personal development, which the majority of people associate with achievements and success. While success is one the positive outcomes of personal growth, there is so much more to it.

When it comes to creating relationships between a man and a woman, a woman must come across as a high prize for a man to win. She has to be confident and soft, assertive and feminine, independent and grounded, emotionally stable and mature. That’s what makes her a top catch.

That’s what means being a high quality woman.

And if you wish to attract a high quality man, you need to be an equal match, meaning you need to be a high quality woman. That takes intentional approach.

Personal growth comes in when you need to expand your self-awareness, cultivate positive mindset, understand who you are and what you want, identify the inner limitations and blocks that diminish your value in your own eyes.

You need to be able to see value within yourself if you want others to see value in you.

The problem is most women aren’t really willing to go within in order to face and transform their negative conditioning that keeps them attracting the drama tantrums and negative experiences.

The world doesn’t really give you what you want, it gives you who you are.

For example, you want to attract a great man but deep inside, you don’t really believe you are worthy of him. Your self-image doesn’t see yourself as being enough to attract that high quality man.

So, as a result you keep attracting men who are not worthy of you. But that’s how you see yourself as not worthy, and the world just holds the mirror to you.

You must transform that belief about yourself, you need to learn to see yourself as being enough regardless of what’s happening on the outside. It doesn’t mean doing something in a different way, it simply means being in a different way.

Anna Simpson

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