What’s the One Thing That Will Make Him Yours…

I used to believe, beauty was the most important thing that attracts men to women and makes men fall in love. I was wrong.

Even though there are much more beautiful and gorgeous women out there, I am blessed to be good-looking (many people even say, I am very pretty)

Beauty, at least external, is not enough on its own. While it might open the door of a man’s interest, but it is not powerful enough to connect people together.

We all know many women who are gorgeous but alone and miserable in their love life.

And I wasn’t happy in my love relationships, I couldn’t understand why..

Even though the world saw me as beautiful already, I didn’t see it myself. I would always question and doubt those compliments and praise in my address. I was thinking: they don’t know all the truth about me, they don’t know my flaws..

I was trying hard to always be at my best, and appear in the greatest light in front of a man I was with. I was pushing down those flaws, to the most remote parts of my being, always being afraid he will find out and will be repelled by them.

What I didn’t realise in my quest to appear good enough, was the fact that I wasn’t genuine and sincere. It is not like I was pretending; I can’t stand fake. But I was afraid to open up in front of a man I was with.

What if he doesn’t like what he sees? What if it will turn him off? What if he leaves me?..

I was afraid to be alone.

The truth is, if you are not comfortable in your own skin and if you can’t be yourself without fears or worries, you will never be happy in relationships.

If you are not comfortable being on your own, you will never be comfortable with anyone else, even if he is George Clooney. (Especially, if he is George Clooney, as you will be intimidated by him)

Vulnerability is the answer. Don’t be afraid to be you and show your true imperfect self. Being vulnerable doesn’t mean being weak. On the contrary, it means being strong and having courage to be yourself.

Of course, there is a risk of being hurt, however just like everything in life, if you are climbing up you might fall, but there is no joy in staying on the ground.

You need to be willing to take a risk in love if you want to be happy.

Man are attracted to women who are honest and authentic and who not afraid to expose their flaws. Did you know, sometimes, even your quirks make you so special men become crazy about? Embrace that!

Until you learn to accept yourself, no one will accept you for who you are!

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Vulnerability could be a shortcut to understanding if a man is truly into you.

If a man can’t take your vulnerability, he wasn’t the right match in the first place. If he gets turned off by who you are, how are you supposed to build a life together? Life is not always going to be romantic and flowery period.

The sooner you will show him your true face, the faster you can build a deeper connection with your partner.

That doesn’t mean you have to share all the drama and problems and show that you are needy. It just means, you have to be you.

You see, a man wants a woman with whom he could be completely comfortable. If a woman isn’t afraid to open up and be herself unapologetically, a man will feel safe to open up in return. That’s a way to a strong bond.

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