What is Your Dream When it Comes to Your Ideal Relationships?

Every transformation begins with a vision. How clearly you can see it in your mind determines how fast you can enjoy it in your reality.

If you can’t imagine what your ideal relationship would look like, how do you expect to create it? It sounds self-explanatory, yet so many women fail to give a proper attention and effort into imagining and capturing on paper their dream love life.

It seems easier to go with a flow, rather than take an intentional approach to creating your dream life, which always begins with a crystal clear vision.

What usually happens is that most women go on dates, fall in love and very often get heartbroken. The men they were with, were not a good match from the beginning: there had different values, different views, goals and priorities. Although there was chemistry and passion, they were not enough for a solid foundation to build a strong relationship on.

However, for some reason, women mistakenly believe, they can change men’s intentions, their behaviour, and their commitment.

It is a fool’s errand trying to change a man, which leads to frustration and heartache. You can never change other human being; you can only change yourself.

Some women might think, “If I give him all the love I’ve got, he will love me back.” The thing is, you can’t really force love. If it doesn’t flow naturally, you are with the wrong person. Just like you can’t push water uphill, you can’t make him fall in love with you. Forcing him even in a subtle and sweet way, with the best intentions, only creates resistance.

Women get burnt and make erroneous conclusions about men and love, like “all men are the same”, “beautiful love exists only in movies”, “great men are taken”, “I am just not destined for love” etc. It doesn’t mean those beliefs are true, in fact, they are a total nonsense: there are plenty of women who are happy and loved by their men.

But what you believe is true about life and love creates your reality. Those women either give up on love, or settle for less.

All because they never took the time to understand what they truly desire.

Most people see chaos in their minds; and then they wonder why their life is in chaos..

What is your dream? What kind of man would you love to share your life with? What does he value? What do you share in common? How do you spend your time together? How do you express your love towards each other?

All these questions help you bring clarity to your vision. Your vision sets a powerful point of attraction of people and circumstances in your life. Your vision determines your thoughts, your focus, your efforts and your choices. When you know exactly what kind of man you want to attract, it becomes easier to say no to anybody who doesn’t fit your dream. I am not saying, you should be extremely fastidious, but you should be assertive.

If your ideal partner has to be a gentleman, for example, you will not tolerate a disrespectful behaviour towards you. If you want a man with serious intentions, you will be able to spot those subtle signs of a player. Vision makes it easier for you to say ‘no’ to what doesn’t add value to your life, and say ‘yes’ to what does.

Vision allows you to naturally attract your ideal man, so everything will just easily flow. You won’t have to pretend, try hard to make a great impression, and worry for him not to hurt you.

When your vision comes from your heart and soul, you will attract your ideal partner who will love you for who you are. And that’s what we all ultimately want.

True love exists. When love feels rocky from the beginning, it is not love. It should uplift, not tear apart; inspire, not disappoint, and it should bring happiness not suffering.

Your ideal picture of love is born in your imagination. If you really believe in it, it is only a matter of time when it comes to fruition.

When you close your eyes, what do you see? Let your vision guide you in your life.

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.” ― Albert Einstein




Ukrainian by birth, American at heart, world traveler, who dares to go after her ambitious goals. Empowering women to achieve their dreams www.anna-simpson.com

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Anna Simpson

Anna Simpson

Ukrainian by birth, American at heart, world traveler, who dares to go after her ambitious goals. Empowering women to achieve their dreams www.anna-simpson.com

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