What Is It That You Do?

Can You Clearly Define Your Offer?

Anna Simpson


“I can help you transform your life” is the prevalent message of coaches beginners.

While the power of coaching is transformational, such message is not getting any traction.

Transforming your life is too generic.

For some women, life transformation is loosing extra 10 pounds. For others, it is finding an ideal partner. It could also be a profitable lifestyle business.

I speak with coaches from all over the world on a daily basis, and their most common reason of being stuck and unfulfilled is not having enough clients.

And the prevalent reason of not having clients is either a lack of clarity or poor self-image.

They are either battling with self-image issues, being afraid to confidently put their offer on the market. They don’t believe they are good enough, because they are comparing themselves with more successful others. Or they don’t have enough experience in coaching or consulting work, so they are not sure what results they are capable of helping people achieve.

If you are new to coaching business and you try to serve every man and his dog, chasing every dollar, having a scarcity thinking that there is only so much pie, you are always going to be frustrated.

You need 2 things to turn things around in your coaching business and life.

First: confidence. You need to confidently claim your spot under the sun. You need to own your space in a highly saturated market place. You can. Trust me.

While there are tools and strategies how to stand out on the market place, your self-confidence has to come from within.

A confident woman is unstoppable. She becomes resourceful. She makes things happen despite the challenges.

How do you get to that mental place of becoming unstoppable?

I will share how to develop a radical self-belief in the end.



Anna Simpson

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