What Are You Ashamed Of?

You need to own your story as it can inspire others you serve.

Anna Simpson


Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

I was always ashamed to share what I did, when I was working as a server.

I never liked the serving job.

It was below my potential.

And admitting that I was a server in a restaurant was equivalent to diminishing my value.

I was stuck and frustrated.

I didn’t appreciate the journey I was on. Apart from the money, there wasn’t any other advantage to the job.

I remember clearly the moment when I was so fed up and I made a confident decision to change my life.

I have decided to step from being a server in a restaurant to become a server of the world.

In the moments of decisions your destiny is shaped, they say.

At that moment, my destiny was created.

Nothing outside of me changed immediately, but everything within me became different.

As a result, I started openly sharing my story, and the fact that I was a server. And I was inspirational by being vulnerable.

People truly connect to the authentic, genuine and real you. People don’t really care how successful you until they know you understand their struggle.

We all face struggles and challenges. Why not openly share about them? I guarantee your story can inspire others.

I began to own my story: the good, the bad and the ugly. I have gained my power by owning everything I had.

I didn’t realise at the time that my waitressing job was a springboard for my life transformation.

Because of that job, I have so many stories to share in order to connect with those people who are stuck and frustrated just like I was.

Your biggest challenge holds the key to your breakthrough. And it begins with owning your story.

Everything that you have experienced has brought you to this moment, which is perfect.

No need to be ashamed of anything. Bring light to those dark places of shame. You can do it by owning your story.



Anna Simpson

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