We live in the best times to get paid for who you are

How to turn your creativity into profit

Anna Simpson


We live in blessed times: you can be, do and have anything you want.

Over the weekend, I was watching British history documentary DVDs. The episode was dedicated to King Edward I, Leopard Prince, as he was called. It was the time of what seemed like a never-ending war and conquering of the lands under the noble idea of unifying the nations. The Welsh were killed in Scotland, the Scottish were killed in Wales, and the English were killing and getting killed everywhere. It was thirteenth, early fourteenth century.

Human life was not appreciated at all. Death was everywhere. There is a reason​ why that period was called Dark Ages.

Just when the situation in the country slightly stabilised, a ​new challenge was thrown to test the limits of Great Britain and Europe. It was the most ferocious conqueror of all. The name was Black Death.

And we know how that story developed. Almost ​half of the population was gone…

I have yet to finish that episode. Perhaps later today.

It is fascinating to​ watch those documentaries, yet I wouldn’t want to be born during those times. No, thank you very much.

So, when I say we live in blessed times, I mean it.

We live in times where creativity is the new wealth and ideas are the new currency. If you have an idea and you are willing to work for it, you can bring it to life.

​​ The trick is it is not just any idea and any creativity. It is about sharing ideas that deeply resonate with your audience, painting the picture of transformation for them, and making them feel seen, heard and understood.

​​It requires a shift that develops your flexibility, patience and a relentless creative approach. The solution is not always on the surface.

​​It is pretty simple to grasp intellectually — have your audience in mind to craft a story that will resonate with them, but it is not always easy to make it work immediately.

​​That’s why most people quit after a few failed attempts instead of showing persistence and stretching their creativity.



Anna Simpson

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