The Worst Advice Ever.

Anna Simpson
4 min readMay 12, 2020

It was my first big conference. I flew to San Jose, CA.

I was so excited like a kid on a Christmas morning.

It was called Unleash Your Power Within by Tony Robbins.

It was one of the kind experience that will stay with me forever.

I was impressed with an electrifying energy in the room, the special effects, music, jumping and dancing and powerful talks from the stage.

The king of the show was, of course, Tony Robbins himself. A roaring lion. A man of an immense charisma and the most beautiful smile.

I was single at the time and if he wasn’t married, he would be in trouble.

Anyhow, the whole atmosphere made me believe that everything was possible for me.

There was a lot said but the phrase that was repeated over and over was “You’ve got to take massive action.”

After walking on burning coals ( a famous fire walk), I knew I could do anything.

So, coming back to Miami, I started taking massive action.

I was so committed to changing my life as I was totally fed up with my current at the time conditions.

I was at the job I hated. I was constantly attracting drama tantrums in my relationships that would break my heart each time. I didn’t have much freedom with the busiest working days on weekends and holidays.

My life was a mess. Although I was in the land of opportunities, none of those opportunities was handed to me despite the hard work.

I was taking massive action, trying different things. But I felt stuck.

Nothing would change. I was so frustrated and began to doubt the value of that advice from one of the most prominent gurus.

Something was missing. And at that time, I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Running faster isn’t always the right strategy, if you are not clear on the direction. And especially if you are running in multiple directions all the time

It is not just about taking action. It is about taking the right…

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