The Most Important Thing That Most Coaches Skip

Anna Simpson
3 min readJun 9, 2020

There are so many talented, experienced, creative coaches and consultants who have a big heart to help other people.

Yet they are stuck and frustrated.

They work very hard. They read a lot of books, they utilise different marketing approaches, yet they don’t have the results they are so desperately seeking.

I know. I have been one of those hustling coaches who wanted to change the world, even if it was one person at a time.

I had a powerful story of life transformation: from poverty in Ukraine to building a dream life in the USA on my own. Pretty powerful.

I wanted to inspire people do the same. Not move to a different country, but transform their life and bring their dreams to reality.

I was speaking. I was blogging. I was constantly going to networking events.

Yet, I was struggling.

I was oblivious to the most common mistake the struggling coaches do.

I wasn’t clear on my offer.

I was trying to sell “create your dream life” service and programs.

What I failed to realise was, a “dream life” means different things to different people.

For some, it is loosing weight. For others, it is finding an ideal partner. Or building a dream online business, or travelling more, or making more sales ( my first ever coaching client was a car sales person.

I would attract different kinds of people with so many different problems, getting confused and overwhelmed.

I wasn’t consistent in my messaging and couldn’t communicate clearly while speaking with potential prospects.

You see, such big words as transformation, empowerment, personal development or awakening your potential don’t really mean anything to most people. They are not compelling enough to inspire action like parting with money.

You have to learn to communicate in the language your potential prospects will understand.

How do you do that?

You speak directly to the heart of the matter of their problem.

Anna Simpson

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