So, You Sell Air?

How to Package your coaching service in a way that people would want to buy from you

Anna Simpson


What is it exactly that you do? Asked my uncle in Ukraine.

After 15 min explanation, he looked at me suspiciously and concluded, “So, you sell air.”

Oh dear…

I mean, we are talking about Ukraine, where information marketing is an unknown concept.

Technically yes, I do sell air that allows people I work with to breeze freely in life without hassle, worry and fears.

I do show them how to get oxygen in the lungs of their business and life.

If that sounds too poetic, here is a more tangible explanation.

I help new coaches and speakers define their message, which represents their passion, vision and purpose and has a significant market value.

However, coaching and information products is like trying to sell air. It is the fastest growing industry, but it is still new.

It is an easy and a hard sell at the same time.

Here is why it is hard.

Coaching is not a necessity. It is not on top of the shopping list for most people.

Coaching is not covered with medical insurance.

While every person can absolutely enhance their life with coaching, it is not seen this way yet.

Therefore, coaching is not something a person needs. They must want it before they buy it.

Coaching is a luxury.

It is kind of like an expensive perfume. You don’t really need it to survive, but if you love the smell and it makes you feel good, you find the money.

It is the same with coaching and info services.

Coaching becomes easy to sell if you know how to position it in the right way.

You must persuade your customer that your product or service will absolutely change their life.

There is a subtle art and a precise science to the power of persuasion to make your offer an absolute must have.

Where does it begin?

You got it, clarity.

Crystal clarity in what it is you sell and who would be interested in buying it.

Now, what brings clarity?

It is a radical confidence in your abilities.

These two things are intertwined. If you nail them both, you have a solid structure of your hassle-free business.

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Anna Simpson

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