Recent Reflections on a Mountain Ridge About Love and Relationships

Anna Simpson
2 min readJun 11, 2019


My husband and I recently went to Lake District, a magnificent part of North West England.

I have always loved ocean, palm trees and tropical heat (as I lived in Miami for 8 years before I moved to England). However, there is something absolutely special about mountains, lakes, mountain springs, breath-taking greenery and crisp fresh air. I am a big fan of nature. It awakes and feeds your soul, makes you more aware and allows you to appreciate more the gift of life.

On the day when we set off to climb Helvellyn, there was a torrential rain all day. We planned the trip ahead of time and we couldn’t have predicted the weather conditions. And we didn’t let the rain ruin our plans. We decided to make the best of it.

You can’t control the outside conditions, but you can always control the way you show up to them.

It might sound crazy: cold, wet, misty, slippery… Why would anyone want to subject themselves to such discomfort? But it was fun… Despite my panicky fear of heights and my clumsiness (many people would never think I am clumsy by looking at me, but perception is deceitful: I can hurt myself in my own house), I had an amazing time.

When you find someone just as crazy as you are, you get to share unforgettable experiences together.

It was quite challenging to ascend to the peak, as the path would become more rocky and steep. But the best part was having my husband by my side, who was guiding me, encouraging me and making me feel safe.

To be honest, I had some emotional meltdowns among the sharp rocks around and a sheer drop down of 900 meters on both sides, but it all was worth it in the end.

It is much easier to face your fears and stretch your character, when you have a loving person by your side, who supports and uplifts you when your fears get the best of you.

Christian and I are always up for an adventure together, especially when it involves hiking, mountains, and just nature.

Life becomes so much more colourful when you share it with the person you love. Love just enhances every experience.

I believe love allows you to enjoy the rain, not just get wet.

What I learned is that the journey could be challenging and scary, but together is better. Always

You too can have your dream relationship, doing the crazy things you both love. But just like everything else in life, it requires an intentional approach.



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