Nail This and Everything Else Begins to Flow

Anna Simpson
4 min readJun 10, 2020
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Have you ever worked really hard on something, putting so much efforts and it felt like pushing water uphill? No matter what you tried, you just felt more stuck? And in the end, the result was utterly disappointing?

Let me share my personal story.

I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, being so fed up working at a restaurant job.

“You should be a model,” one of my friends said to me. “I mean, seriously, you are perfect for it. You will be highly successful with your looks,” she insisted.

I liked the idea and immediately acted on it, contacting and visiting all modelling agencies in Miami.

Two weeks of consistent ‘no’s’ were beginning to take its toll, making me frustrated. Yet, I am not the one who gives up easily.

I have always been persistent.

So, I kept pressing on, juggling between my job, photoshoots (for an immaculate portfolio), and going to castings. Getting more and frustrated and discouraged each day.

Then, one day I received an email with a subject line, “we are ready to hire you.”

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That moment I felt like the world of fame and recognition had dawned upon me. That sweet feeling when your hard work being finally rewarded.

The next day, I was on the way to get hired at my dream job.

The lady at the reception was tweeting away how lucky I was to be selected out of hundreds of applicants.

They offered me coffee and some low calorie cookies.

I had one of those pinch me moments…

I couldn’t believe this was happening. To me. A simple girl from a small Ukrainian village.

The pictures red carpets, haute couture podiums, and lavish parties were flickering in my mind.

This must have been what the realisation of an American Dream felt like.

My exhilarating daydreaming was interrupted by a woman who was going to interview me.



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