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Anna Simpson
4 min readJul 26, 2019


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Even though my sister and I live in different parts of the world, the connection between us is pretty strong. My sister lives in Abu Dhabi. So, our life dynamics are such that we don’t see each other often. Yet, despite miles and miles apart we remain connected. I am so grateful for technological advances nowadays that allow us to stay in touch. My sister’s name is Nelia.

Not so long ago Nelia called me and said she was proud of me. (It was a bit of an unexpected call, because usually she has something to share or to ask while calling me) My sister said she always thought of me while going through tough times herself and that I had always been an inspiration for her since childhood.

She said she was watching and learning from me as I was going to Kiev, then Saint Petersburg, then Europe, then permanently moving to the USA, New York and shortly after Miami, and now living to England. She watched at close hand as my spirit was evolving and my desires were growing.

“You don’t let life happen to you. You live intentionally creating it the way you want. You inspire me to do the same,” concluded Nelia.

No doubt, I was happy to hear this from my little sister. But most importantly, I was happy to recognise that my life appears an inspiration to some, and especially to people I love most.

As a big sister I have always been there for Nelia trying to encourage and inspire her. I love her dearly and wish her lots of success and life fulfillment. And I know how hard it is to move to a different country, where nobody gives monkeys about you or your big ambitions. I am speaking from my own experience, as I had to go through various challenges and difficulties myself in a different country. And I am grateful for them, as they’ve helped me shape my character and my confidence.

I think I have a big influence on my sister. As she followed in my footsteps and moved to a different country herself, trying to make something of her life. Abu Dhabi in my opinion is not the best place in the world with its strict Islamic culture repressing women’s rights…



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