It All Begins With the Desire…

What is the role of clarity? Why do you need it?

Anna Simpson
4 min readDec 12, 2019


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I speak to many women all the time who are either stuck or frustrated or unhappy in their life. They have different reasons and valid explanations. However, when I ask them what it is they want, there is usually either a long pause or a hazy response.

It always makes me wonder, how on earth do you expect to hit a target you don’t see? I want more love, more business, more freedom, more fulfilment are all great aspirations. But what does “more” mean to you? What will more freedom look like for you? Can you vividly picture those ideal relationships (if you are single and you want to attract your soulmate)

I will tell you one thing from my own experience: if you cannot picture clearly what it is that you want to create, it will never happen for you.

What and why are powerful coaching questions you can ask yourself. Stay in those questions to get as much clarity as possible. Clarity is the beginning of mastery. Clarity is the beginning of transformation. If you get really curious about what and why, I promise you the how will show up automatically.

Simple question: what is your heartfelt desire? Can you see it clearly? Can you step into it? How does it make you feel when you imagine it in your reality? And why it is important to you?

If thinking about your desire you automatically ask yourself, “how am I going to make it happen”, you are creating resistance. You will unconsciously focus your attention on the barriers and obstacles. When you think about the how, you think with your intellectual mind that usually rejects or neglects the new ideas. When you think about the what and why, you appeal to your emotions and feelings. Your feelings usually drive your behaviour.

When you get really excited about your idea, you open the doors to creativity and infinite possibilities.

The whole point is to become aligned with your desire. And it won’t happen if you think about the how

If you feel like it is far away from your reality, you are not welcoming it into your life. You need to work on that inner resistance, which is often is fuelled by the feelings: I am not good enough or I don’t deserve it.



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