If You Don’t Get the Results Does it Mean You Suck?

An Effective Strategy to get the results you want.

Do you do things to win or to become a winner? It might appear to be same thing but it is not.

Becoming a winner is changing your identity.

Winning something is just one time result.

If you have got the winner’s identity, you always win. Even when things don’t go according to your plans.

Just because you won at something once doesn’t make you a winner’s type of personality.

Many people win a lottery. And according to multiple studies, about 70% of all lottery winners end up broke or file for bankruptcy.


Because their identity hasn’t changed. They have not become the person who is capable of managing astonishing wealth. So, most of them just squander all their riches.

If I were to give you a million dollars, it wouldn’t make you a millionaire, it would just make you a person with a million dollars.

In order to become a millionaire, you have to earn it. You have to become the person who is capable of creating a fortune.

Many people setting their goals aspire to reach certain results. Which is understandable, but it is the wrong approach.

It is a shortcut to frustration.

If you haven’t got the inner strength, resilience and unshakable confidence in your capabilities, it is easy to rock your boat with slightest setbacks.

Most of the time, things don’t go according to your plans. And with a fragile self-esteem not getting what you want makes it easy to give up on yourself and on your dream.

However, if your intention is the transformation of your identity, you will go really far. And the results you will show up automatically.

When I first realised I wanted to become a speaker and spread an inspirational message, I had big dreams.

Big stages, big audiences, thunderous applause and heart-warming comments from people who resonated with my words.

The vision inspired me for a hard work trying to get booked by big companies.

But I didn’t happen. Well, not in the beginning.

I was stuck because all my focus was on the end result, and not the process of becoming the best I could be.

Our ego wants recognition. It wants praise.

My ego and self-esteem were bruised when I didn’t get the results I wanted.

I started questioning myself, “If I don’t get the results, does it mean I suck?”

It was a tough question to ask myself and even tougher to answer.

And my response to myself was, “Yes, I did suck in the beginning”

When you first try something new, no matter how passionate or gifted you might be in that field, your results do suck.

But it is normal. It is natural. Your current results don’t reveal your potential. They only reveal your current awareness of your potential.

When you direct your focus on the expansion of your potential, you awaken your curiosity, you are not afraid to try different things, and you begin to see things you were not able to see before.

You don’t really worry about obtaining a specific result, because you are confident — in the end, you will win no matter what.

It is not about getting something. It’s about become someone who is capable of producing something

If we are really honest, it is not the result we are after. We are after the fulfilment, meaning and significance.

What could be more significant than becoming a person who makes a difference?

At some point I wondered what would happen if I shifted my focus from knocking on doors to building my own doors? In other words, instead of getting hired by someone else and operating under their agenda I would create my own circle of influence and operate under my rules.

My focus shifted from getting to becoming. From worry to expansion. From results to growth.

And guess what, the results became even better than I expected.

When you are not rigid in your approach, your capability and your growth become exponential.

You do it not for a reward. You do it because it makes you feel alive. It brings meaning to you.

It is important to have goals and create plans, but keep your focus on the transformation, so it becomes easier to change your goals or plans when things go awry.

If you want to transform your self-image, improve your self-esteem, and build the unshakable self-confidence, click here.

Ukrainian by birth, American at heart, world traveler, who dares to go after her ambitious goals. Empowering women to achieve their dreams www.anna-simpson.com

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