I Don’t Like Your Vibe… How to Increase Your Vibrations to Improve Your Life

From a broke server to a happy world traveller… From a disrespected girlfriend to a happy wife… What was the bridge?

Anna Simpson
5 min readSep 16, 2019


Picture by Anna Simpson @ Lake Louise, Banff, Alberta, Canada

I came to work, to a restaurant. It was a cloudy day (unusual for a sunny Florida), which was totally reflecting my mood. I hated my job as a waitress (I didn’t come to America from poverty in Ukraine to be carrying trays with dirty plates). My boyfriend at the time wasn’t responding to my texts or phone calls… My car broke down, and I was stressed how to find the money in order to fix it..

In a word, I was just fed up…

It was an opening shift and I had to set up a restaurant. I hated that tedious and ungrateful routine, but I had to do it. As I was placing plates and glasses on the tables, one of the plates just slipped from my hands and landed on the floor being shattered to pieces…

Damn it! I thought!

Everything was going wrong that day. It felt like the whole universe was just against me.

Morning shifts were usually slow at that restaurant. After about 2 hours I got my first table… When I came to the table to get a drink order, the two ladies wanted just water. I asked if they wanted a bottled water, to which they said no. They wanted a tap water of a room temperature with extra lemon and lime, and ice on the side. I was getting annoyed with all those requests for a free water, but I tried to stay polite. I knew it would be a difficult order..

As I wrote down all requests, one of the ladies asked, “Is your water filtered?”

To which I said dismissively, “No, it is not filtered”

I was trying hard to conceal my vein-popping fury..

“It should be filtered. Why it is not filtered?” The woman insisted.

At that point I said assertively, “Because, ma’am, it’s not filtered. Do you want our UNFILTERED tap water or not?!”

“I don’t like the vibe here.. And I don’t like your vibe. You need to work on your attitude.” She said. And then, both of them stood up and marched towards the exit.



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