How to Turn Busy into Productive.

Anna Simpson
3 min readMay 13, 2020

I am busy but not making any progress.

Or, I work so hard and put so much effort, but I don’t achieve any results.

What is wrong with me, why I cannot get the progress I work so hard for?

I’ve heard all these stories from talking to my clients.

And I always wonder, how accurate they are in their conclusions? In other words, do they have realistic expectations?

If you plant a seed today, you don’t get frustrated if you don’t see a plant the next day.

By the laws of the universe, if you put effort, you get the result. Cause and effect law happens every single time.

The thing is, there are always results. Most women are oblivious to this truth.

Just because things are not rolling according to our plans doesn’t mean there are no results. The absence of a result is a result as well.

Just because you didn’t land a client you wanted doesn’t mean you didn’t create any result.

What about the reflection why it didn’t happen? Most people dismiss the importance of the evaluation of a failed experience.

A learned lesson of failed attempt is often more valuable than success.

Another aspect of this problem is what do you work hard at?

I have noticed in my practice most women who don’t feel productive don’t take the right action that creates results. Being busy doesn’t always mean being productive.

Reading books, studying, doing research, watching various courses is crucial but it won’t bring you business results you want.

You have to clearly understand that there is a difference: working on yourself and working on your business results.

If you just work on the results you want to achieve, the roadblocks you inevitably hit might break you.

Therefore you need an inner foundation of self-confidence and self-belief to be able to withstand challenges and setbacks.

Anna Simpson

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