How to Naturally Attract Love in Your Life?

How to clear the path to attracting your soulmate effortlessly…

Anna Simpson
3 min readOct 1, 2019


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If you are stuck in your love life: you either keep attracting the wrong men who don’t appreciate you, or if you are tired of a continuous heartbreak, but you desire to fall in love with someone special who will cherish and adore you for who you are..

I have good news, you can attract your soulmate. Naturally. And effortlessly. And I will show you how.

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world. And it is the most powerful force. True love is supposed to lift you up, bring you joy and happiness. If it hurts or feels like hard work, it is not love.

Just like you can’t push the water uphill, you cannot force love. It has to naturally flow just like a mountain stream.

Now, it doesn’t mean, you just sit and wait for a prince charming to come and take you to the kingdom of love…

Just like anything else in life, attracting your soulmate requires an intentional approach. But it doesn’t mean, registering on dating websites, going out and meeting men. These steps are useful further along the process.

The first step is to create a complete alignment between your desire and your belief system.

There are so many women who consciously aspire to attract their dream partner, but deep inside (at the subconscious level, where the belief system resides) they don’t believe they can attract their soulmate.

Throughout our life, we buy into false programming about men, love, relationships and we become conditioned by this “perceived truth”, which only hinders our happiness.

An example of a false programming is “all men want is sex”. This is simply not true, because both men and women desire deep and loving connection that goes beyond the need of copulation. The need for love is one of our primary needs.

Another example of a false programming is when we experience a heartbreak, and we make a conclusion that all men are there to take advantage of us. And, again, it is not true



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