How to Manifest the Relationships You Want

Since it is not a random luck to meet a man of your dreams, just like every other area in life, you have to be intentional about your relationships.

One of the most important human needs is to be loved and to know you are cared for. Having someone special who is always there for you is absolutely priceless and just makes everything better in life.

The biggest happiness is to love and to be loved!

Since it is not a random luck to meet a man of your dreams, just like every other area in life, you have to be intentional about your relationships.

What do you need to transform within you to attract your ideal partner?

In an effortless and fun way.

Here are a few stories that will shed light on some of the areas perhaps you were not able to see before.

There is a great story told by Guru Mayi. The ruler of a rich kingdom sends one of his messengers to find the worst thing in the entire world and bring it back.

The messenger departs and a few days later returns empty handed.

The king, puzzled, asks, “What have you discovered? I don’t see anything.”

The messenger says, “Right here, your majesty, ” and sticks out his tongue.

Bewildered, the king asks for an explanation.

The messenger says, “My tongue is the worst thing in the world. My tongue can do many horrible things; it speaks evils and tells lies. My tongue can make me sick and tired, and it can hurt other people.”

Pleased, the king commands the messenger to go out and find him the best thing in the entire world.

The messenger leaves hurriedly and comes back again without anything in his hands.

“Where is it?” the king impatiently asks.

The messenger sticks out his tongue again.

“How could this be?” the king is confused.

The messenger replies, ”My tongue is the best thing in the world, my tongue is the messenger of love. Only with my tongue can I express the overwhelming beauty of poetry. My chooses the world to make me feel wonderful and together.”

The king is quite satisfied and he appoints the messenger to become foremost among his personal advisors.

One of the things you need to do is to stop saying negative things about your life and your bad luck in relationships.

Your thoughts and your words are the building blocks of your reality.

If only you knew the power of your thoughts and words, you would never think or say any negative thought.

Pay conscious attention to what you are saying when it comes to relationships. Get rid of your ‘I’m so lonely, no one loves me’ state. Lose the ‘I don’t want another bad relationship’ chant. When you don’t miss a chance to say what is missing, that’s what you will keep attracting — the lack.

What if you had within your power ways in which to jump start your love and romance journey into the right direction? Can you imagine the possibility of being able to attract your ideal partner into your life?

Start saying to yourself how you will attract your partner, how he will make you feel, how wonderful it will be to have the life together

Another powerful way to clear the way for effortless manifestation of the love you dream about is to practice rule number 6

Life is much simpler than we think it is; don’t complicate it. After all, it is all about our attitude. Benjamin Zander fascinates me: his style, his attitude, and his ease. He transfers it in his art. In his book “the Art of Possibility” he shared an amazing story about two prime ministers.

They were sitting in a room discussing affairs of state. Suddenly a furious man burst into the room, shouting loudly and banging his fists on the desk. The resident prime minister reprimanded the man, “Peter, kindly remember rule number 6!”

Instantly the irate man became serene, apologised, and withdraw from the room. The political leaders returned to their conversation.

Twenty minutes later they were interrupted again, this time by a woman who was as emotionally charged as the previous intruder.

Once again the intruder met with the words of the prime minster; “Marie, please remember rule number 6”, to which she instantly calmed down and withdrew.

At this, the visiting prime minister enquired, “My dear friend, I’ve seen many things in my life, but never anything as remarkable as this. Would you be willing to share with me the secret of this Rule Number 6?”

“Certainly”, replied the resident prime minister, “Rule Number 6 is simply don’t take yourself so damn seriously.”

“Ah,” says his visitor, “that is a fine rule.”

After a moment of reflection, his curiosity returns once more, “And what, may I ask, are the other rules?”

“There aren’t any”, replied the prime minister.

Life is so much easier and more fun when you adopt Rule Number 6. It’s important to have a sense of humour. Humour is a safety value. It keeps you from taking yourself too seriously. The problem with most people is that they take themselves too seriously.

Men are attracted to women who have fun and light energy around them, who don’t create drama. Men want to feel good and comfortable next to a woman they feel attracted to.

Practice emotional intelligence and infuse a sense of humour into your life, even when bad things happen.

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