How to Make a Great Impression on a First Date?

Practical tips on how to ensure a man you like calls you back after the first date.

Anna Simpson
3 min readOct 8, 2019


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Dress, heals, matching purse, makeup, perfume, smile! Check! You are ready for a date with a man you like. How to make it a successful date, so he will call back?

“We had such a great time. We talked for hours. He was very engaging. But he never called back.” Many women struggle with this problem.

What went wrong? How to really connect with a man, so he wants to go on a second and third date, and potentially build a relationship with you? How to really captivate a man’s attention and trigger his heart, so he craves your company?

Just a little disclaimer, it has nothing to do with beauty, sexy body, your IQ, youth, sense of humour, and other appealing outside attributes.

The most common problem why a man doesn’t call after the first date is because he wasn’t emotionally connected with a woman he was with. He might have found her interesting and beautiful, and charming, and smart, but his emotional centres weren’t touched.

Quite often, we, women, treat a date as a potential “one”. We automatically evaluate if he matches our standards, and fits our vision in terms of marriage, family, kids, cats, etc.

Now, we don’t necessarily talk about these things but on the energy level, we are either in the future or we put too much pressure on ourselves to make a fabulous impression, so he can fall in love with us at the first sight.

We demonstrate our best sides, we share stories (maybe, a bit too many stories), we try to be funny..

While there is nothing wrong with being your best self, but if you try too hard, a man feels this energy of invisible pressure. Especially, if there is an alfa male, who is charismatic, handsome and successful. All women are attracted to such type of men.

Now, an alfa male always feels any kind of “trying too hard” energy a woman unconsciously sends. He knows, he’s got an upper hand; he is aware of his position and his effect on women. And he perfectly understands, that woman could be his any moment, but he is a gentleman, so he doesn’t push it.



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