How to Gain Control Over Your Feelings so You Come From the Place of Power?

Anna Simpson
4 min readOct 18, 2019

What do you feel right now? Are you happy or frustrated, joyful or sad, hopeful or stuck, grateful or resentful?

In our busy and hectic pace of life, we rarely pay attention to our feelings and emotions, when there is an action to be taken and a decision to me made, when there are outside things to be done. We don’t pause, take a deep breath and connect with our inner self. We don’t tend our soul.

We underestimate the importance of our energy and personal vibrations. We constantly go outside of ourselves to solves the problems that require going within.

We forget the simple life wisdom that if we fail to go within, we will go without. And then we complain why there is so much lack in our life.

We don’t realise that our infinite inner wisdom knows all the answers to all our problems. And it all begins and ends with our energy, our feelings and our emotions

Life is going to show up for you in the direct proportion of the energy you put out there.

It is not a “kumbaya” approach, a la “lets hug trees and be happy”. It is a science of the law of nature — cause and effect. We receive what we send out.

What you feel now in this moment holds the clue where you are: whether you are approaching closer to your dream and desire, or you are far away from it. The clue is simple: when you feel good, you are close. When you feel any kind of resistance or misalignment, it is a sign you need to address some inner limitations that are holding you back.

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As I work with women, they usually tell me, I do love him but the feeling is not mutual. How can I be happy? How can I be joyful if my love isn’t appreciated and reciprocated?

First of all, to me, that’s a sign that a woman doesn’t love herself enough. If she stays in an unfulfilled relationship, holding some illusions and hopes, but deep inside realises it is a dead-end road, she doesn’t value herself enough.

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