How Monkeys, Ocean and Jungle Relate to You?

Photo by Tony Reid on Unsplash

I have never been an early morning person, I enjoy my sleep in the morning. But since we came to Costa Rica every morning I have been waking up around 5 am..

Where we currently are is a pure paradise. It is in the middle of a robust jungle, with 270 degrees view on the Pacific Ocean. It is simply impossible to describe with words the magnificence and the bliss of this place…

Anyways, part of our morning routine is to meet the sunrise with howler monkeys..

Have you ever heard howler monkeys?

The sounds they produce are so menacing and scary, but in fact they are quite small and very cute creatures. It is just their way of announcing the beginning and the ending of a new day.

It is something special.

So, Christian (my husband) and I come out on our patio with our teas, when it is still dark, and enjoy those sounds..

Sometimes, we go to the beach for a run or a swim early in the morning, and meet the sunrise by the ocean.

A few days ago, we went for a swim and the ocean was quite stormy, but the water was pleasant and warm. It was quite funny as we were tossed and turned by the waves.. It was fun and playful.

During the moments of enjoying those little things like the sounds of the jungle, the awakening of nature at dawn, playing with the ocean waves, or just sitting on the patio and absorbing that beauty around, I feel anchored in the present moment. I enjoy here and now.

When you think about it, this is where all the life happens, here and now. Not in thinking what we should have done or shouldn’t have done, or planning the future.

Don’t get me wrong, you absolutely must be intentional in the future, but stay here and now. We get so wrapped up with things and actions we need to do that we completely forget about the beauty of the present moments.

People in the Ukrainian village, where I was born and grew up, often say, well it is easy for you to enjoy life, you get to experience and live so many amazing places.

While it is true, I am very blessed and grateful to be living the life I am today, but long before it, I was so determined to #createthelifeyoudreamabout.

I stepped on the personal growth journey long before I managed to fulfil my desires. I learned to appreciate the little things, like sunset and sunrise long before I get to experience it in the most stunning places on earth.

I learned to set the priorities in my life long before I gained freedom to do what I wanted.

I learned to be grateful and appreciative of even the smallest things.

I learned, the best things in life are free; but the second best things are very expensive.

I am absolutely convinced, you can create the life you dream about, if you are intentional about your personal growth.

If a simple girl from poverty in Ukraine can create and enjoy the life of her dreams, anybody can do it. You just need to eliminate what’s standing in the way to your dreams and desires.

Ukrainian by birth, American at heart, world traveler, who dares to go after her ambitious goals. Empowering women to achieve their dreams

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