How Do You Get out of the Procrastination Land?

I used to live in the procrastination land.

You know the comfortable place with mountains of distraction, Netflix peaks, rivers of excuses, coffee and tea break lakes, social media forests, daydream beaches, the towns of closet re-organisation, nap valleys, sudden urge to do laundry summits, and good intentions never to be translated into action hills.

I bet, you know what I am talking about.

When I worked at the restaurant, often times, long hours, I used to come home exhausted. Well, it was my good excuse not to do what I knew what was important.

It was “impossible” for me to do any kind of thinking work after long shifts of physical work.

The only worse thing than an excuse is a good excuse.

During my days off though, I “had” to go either to the beach or meet up with my friends. So, my biggest excuse was a lack of time.

I used to wake up in the morning and set an intention for the day to be productive, but my procrastination habit with so many distractions would hold me tight in its grip.

I was not fulfilled and miserable, frankly. When I was doing the brain dead work, like carrying trays with dirty plates and talking about the menu specials, I used to despise myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I was grateful for that job, as it allowed me to make a good living. Although it was filling my bank account, that job was emptying my soul.

Deep inside, I knew I could be, do, and have more. I had that strong desire. For some reason, though, I kept that desire inside. I was stuck in my circumstances, but more so within myself.

I didn’t like it, but I found my procrastination land comfortable.

I was stuck in a comfort zone. Comfort zone is not really comfortable, when you think about it. It is a zone of stagnation, numbness and depression.

One day, when I had a run-in with the restaurant manager, who was a total knob trying to actualise himself by humiliating others.

And at that point, I had had enough of that nonsense. I made a decision: cut my working days at the restaurant to 3 days a week and work on business.

That decision also inspired me to move out of the Procrastination Land into the Work on Your Dream Land.

I started taking the imperfect action, even when I had no idea what I was doing. I was taking action, when nothing was working. And I was taking action when when I doubted myself.

I would still visit my good old place, the Procrastination Land, occasionally, but soon I discovered a much more appealing place: the Reward for Your Efforts Island.

You know what, even when I wouldn’t get the desired result, I would feel good about myself because I tried. And even, when I would take a Netflix or coffee break, I knew I earned it.

Look, you don’t have to be perfect and productive at all times, but I am telling you, from my own bitter experience, the Procrastination Land is not a nice place to live in.

How do you get out of it? Simple: make a decision and act on it. That’s it.

I am not going to entertain your excuses.

It is as simple as that: make a decision and do it. First couple of times, you might need to push yourself, but then it will become your new habit.

Ukrainian by birth, American at heart, world traveler, who dares to go after her ambitious goals. Empowering women to achieve their dreams

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