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You know, I am so grateful for my life and so many blessings. Every day, I wake up feeling this overwhelming sense of gratitude.

Especially now, when we are in a beautiful Costa Rica, in our second home. As I’m writing this, I am overlooking the breathtaking jungle and the Pacific Ocean.

No picture can do it justice ( but you can see part of the view) It is one of those things you just have to experience to really appreciate it.

The colours of tropical flowers, the singing of exotic birds, the scary sounds of howler monkeys, peace and harmony make this place a true paradise.

If someone told me when I was a kid that I would have homes in two different parts of the world in the areas of outstanding natural beauty and I would be travelling all over the world doing what I love, I would have never believed them.

If you know my story, you know I come from severe poverty from a Ukrainian village, where luxury, freedom and higher choices was a utopia or a privilege of the lucky ones…

The answer is simple: personal development. You have to have a big dream, and you need to work on yourself to make sure you believe in yourself enough to bring that dream to life.

I am 100% sure that even your wildest dreams can come to fruition, if you are courageous enough to go after them.

I am not saying, it is easy (challenges and failure are an inevitable part), but it is much simpler than most people think.

I have found, it all comes down to the mastery of the inner game. When things get tough on the outside ( and they always do), you need to have a strong inner foundation and a growth orientated mindset.

You need to be able to withstand the nasty inner voice that tells you what you can’t do, that screams you are not good enough, that makes you sabotage yourself.

I have found, it is easy to get in the weeds, when the winds of failure are whipping around you, it is difficult to get a fresh perspective and look at a big 0picture.

I know from my own experience, it is not easy to keep going and believing in yourself, when there are no results that you have worked so hard for..

You need help, support and encouragement, who can hold your hand in the process of growth and personal development.

You need someone who can hold a mirror to your limiting beliefs and your inner saboteur, so you can transform them.

You need someone who help help you understand that the truth is not in the appearance of things. You need a coach, a mentor, a person who has achieved her dreams. So, they can help you achieve your dreams.

This is why, I am tending my hand of help to you. I know you have a huge potential. In fact, human potential is unlimited according to scientists.

If there is any kind of resistance within you, when I tell you your potential is unlimited, then you need to work on your beliefs and your self-image.

My job as a coach is help you marry your potential with your performance, so you can achieve your dreams. Click here to apply

Ukrainian by birth, American at heart, world traveler, who dares to go after her ambitious goals. Empowering women to achieve their dreams

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