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Don’t Be Cheap! How it Impacts Your Relationships and Your Business?

Cheap people pay twice… It is a fact. I was one of those cheap people.

Anna Simpson
4 min readNov 13, 2019


I grew up in poverty in Ukraine. There was never enough in our house. Not enough food, not enough drinks (soft drinks and juices), not enough clothes, not enough toys… It was tough growing up in a constant lack.

Our parents always taught my sister and I to save, to never waste anything and to always pay less, whenever there was a possibility. That was our way to survive.

I remember, it was a sin to throw away old and dry bread…

Such concepts as abundance and a better choice were not part of our reality. We had to be satisfied with what we had, which wasn’t much.

It was only during Christmas we could afford some fruit, like bananas or oranges. Chocolate and sweets were also reserved for some big dates…

I remember many days passing by the ice cream shop, imagining the delicious taste but not being able to buy it.

When you live in poverty, you develop poverty consciousness. You go about thinking there is never enough…

That was my story.

Then I moved to the land of opportunities and started working and making enough money to be able to buy enough food.

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I remember my first visit to an American supermarket, Superfresh in Ocean City, NJ, I was amazed by the abundance, and variety, and the richness of choices. There were more than 10 kinds of apples of different colours… So many “exotic” fruits and vegetables, and berries I had no idea existed..

I was truly awe-inspired. Finally, I could grasp and understand the meaning of the concept of abundance.

I could finally buy food and have enough in my fridge…

Happiness is in little things.

However, even though I was surrounded by opportunities and abundance, I was struggling…



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