How to Feel Confident When You Feel Like a Failure?

What to do when you use the “right” strategies and it doesn’t work for you. What is missing?

Anna Simpson
3 min readApr 29, 2020


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You have a goal, you have a plan, you have a big dream.

And yet, you feel stuck.

It seems like, you put so much effort and energy, but the results are not happening.

Why? You wonder…

What is the secret that makes things so easy for other people, and you are struggling?

You see other people who are charging premium prices for the placebo that makes people sick.

You have a big heart, you want to make a difference and add value to people, but it is like pushing water uphill.

And you wander, what you do wrong?

I know all those feelings.

I have been there myself and it was driving me crazy.

I am very committed and persistent person, and I love winning ( who doesn’t?), but when I first started my business, still living in Florida, I was never able to reach my business goals.

I would do everything from the “book”: networking, connecting with people, building website, landing pages, doing videos, being social media active, writing articles… You name it.

And yet, crickets….

The feeling of frustration was killing me.

I was oblivious to the obvious, the problem was me and my inner limitations that were impacting everything I did, say and how I showed up.

My unconscious ( at times even to me) energy of uncertainty was pushing potential customers away.

If I am really honest, I was very quick to start things, but was never following through properly.

I was jumping from one thing to another, looking for a quick fix.

I would stall whenever there was criticism in my address.

A “no” from one person would make me believe that my entire offer was rubbish.

I was uncomfortable sharing I was a coach, because I felt like a fraud.



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