Discover What Keeps You Stuck?

What is a small town person mentality and how it relates to all people?

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We have so many challenges in our life that show up in myriad different disguises, we have so many things that get in the way of our success and happiness, but ultimately, the only real challenge we face, is ourselves, is what I call the small town person mentality.

I shared my thought process with a friend of mine and she agreed with me. She said, “It is definitely not a geographical problem; it’s a mental one. Look at yourself. You come from those limitations of the small town in Ukraine, but you’ve come such a long way and now you live your dream life.”

Photo by JoelValve on Unsplash
  • it is the inability to see the big vision;
  • it is the lack of belief that the world could be a bigger and better place,
  • it is not believing in your own capabilities.
  • It is the limitations that tell you, you can’t do it.
  • They don’t believe in themselves and they don’t pursue their dreams.
  • They love comfort zone, they love conformity;
  • They accept things as they are;
  • They never dream of how things could be.

Ukrainian by birth, American at heart, world traveler, who dares to go after her ambitious goals. Empowering women to achieve their dreams

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