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How to Take Charge of the Story you Tell Yourself

Anna Simpson
2 min readJan 8, 2020


I had a phenomenal mastermind group yesterday with incredible women from 9 different countries. We talked about what it is that makes women powerful…

Very juicy topic on the power of self-image and owning our inherent value and worth. After a little bit of teaching from me, we dived into a discussion and sharing our stories. I applaud each lady in my group who had the courage to share bravely about themselves.

When you share openly your story, you begin to own it and you begin to define the meaning of what happened.

An interesting thing I’ve noticed, when you ask people to talk about self-confidence and self-esteem, they begin talking about self-doubt and fears. When you ask them to share about happiness and love, they talk about heartbreaks and disappointments. And it is ok. You can’t have one without the other.

It is about taking ownership of yourself and elevating your consciousness of defining the meaning of events that serves you.

You simply can’t embrace the light and deny darkness. If you deny one thing within you, you deny everything. You can’t selectively numb certain feelings.

It is not about eliminating all the imperfections, fears and flaws. You simply can’t. It is about taking ownership of them and not allowing them to define who you are. In other words, it means saying, ‘Yes, I am imperfect, and vulnerable and sometimes even afraid. However, I am worthy of love and connection’

We have discussed, powerful women are not the ones who don’t have fears; they are simply not owned by fears. That takes courage to be willing to stand up for yourself and speak about what’s getting in the way of your inner worth and confidence.

You can tame whatever is getting in the way when you name it. It is ok to admit to yourself that some things are not working, instead to trying to ignore or pretend it is ok.

I challenge you to speak up about your fears and vulnerabilities. That’s the path to liberating yourself and getting freedom.

We have bought into many false beliefs about ourselves throughout our life. And unless you bring attention to them, they unconsciously run your life.

You are whole, enough and complete, just the way you are. Remember that!



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