Abundance Mindset or Are All Great Men Taken?

Photo by Luca Bravo on unplash

We went to Zuma, a high end Japanese Asian fusion restaurant in Miami. It is one of my favourite places, even though it is a bit expensive.

Since some of my friends haven’t met my husband (since I moved to England from Miami after we got married), and they were jokingly calling him a mysterious man, almost nonexistent, I wanted the meeting to be special and memorable, so I went for the premium option of a combo dinner.

Let me tell you, the food in that salubrious place was so delicious it was unreal. We had a fantastic time, great connection and unforgettable memories.

I knew, there would be an eye-watering bill. As I always say, if you want to play, you have to be willing to pay. But still, when the check came out, I nearly fell out of the chair, even though I was sitting.

The price for that fancy dinner for 5 people was almost like my monthly earnings about 7 years ago.

For a moment, I was so uncomfortable paying that bill thinking I could use that money in a much smarter way. However, I felt really grateful to be able to have such a fine dining experience and pay for it. Besides, it was totally worth it.

You can always make more money, but you can never make more time. And that time was precious and worth paying the top dollar for it.

It was a great reminder from the universe on abundance.

You’ve got to come from an abundance mindset. Whatever you do, whenever you go, you’ve got to remember — there are no limits except those in your head.

When I used to live in Miami, the ocean was a constant reminder of abundance, confidence and divinity! I loved it!

Anyways, abundance is an attitude. And it applies to everything. You can’t have an abundance mindset only when it comes to dreaming and receiving the goods and blessings you desire but also when it comes to giving, thinking, and acting.

Abundance mindset is the foundation of success and happiness in your business, relationships and life in general.

Working with women, I see it all the time: scarcity mindset — all great men are not available. That is the most frustrating comment which is so common.

Just because you had a bad experience with men, doesn’t mean all men are like that. We tend to bring these sweeping negative generalisations on what things mean based on just one or a few experiences.

I am absolutely convinced: women never have relationships or men problems: they have the mindset and belief problems.

Scarcity mindset in relationships often times looks like this: I will hang on to that man, even though he doesn’t treat me well, because better something than nothing.

Abundance mindset looks like this: I know I am worth of the man of my dreams who is perfect for me and I am not going to settle for anything less.

Guess what, life brings to you what you bring to life. You get what you put out there. Even when it comes to something as subtle as your mindset and beliefs about life, love and relationships.

The truth is: there are always great and single men who are look for amazing women like you. Every day, happy couples are getting married. Why can’t it be you?

It all begins with subtle mindset shifts that create massive changes in your results.

I always say, if you want to change the visible, you have to change the invisible.

Begin with the abundance mindset. Come from the perspective: there are so many great men out there who are looking for love and genuine relationships…

You will be amazed with the amount of attention you will be getting from high quality men!

Ukrainian by birth, American at heart, world traveler, who dares to go after her ambitious goals. Empowering women to achieve their dreams www.anna-simpson.com

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