3 Ways You Can Sabotage Yourself. And How to Eliminate it?

Anna Simpson
3 min readMay 27, 2020

What gets in the way to your success and the achievement of your goals is the inner sabotage. And it can show up in so many different insidious forms.

The outside obstacles are so much easier to overcome than the internal blocks.

The truth is, the problem is never the outside barriers. It is the story we create of what those barriers mean that diminishes our personal value.

I work mainly with women, and 99% of their problems come from their poor self-image.

One lady, let’s call her Jennifer, when reporting on the progress she has done ( which wasn’t much frankly) said she didn’t feel motivated.

She complained, no matter what she did and how hard she worked, it didn’t create the aspired results.

( Her objective was to close a coaching client she had been built a connection with, but she didn’t)

So, I asked how many potential prospects she talked to.

She said, “Just one”

“What else did you do?” I enquired.

“Watch videos, training programs and read books.” Was her response.

What happened was, Jennifer let one “no” knock her off her game. So, she felt the need to watch those uplifting videos that make her feel good, which doesn’t bring the results really.

The story behind her minor setback was “I am not good enough for people to work with me.” That’s why she was compelled to accumulate more knowledge.

She kept unconsciously sabotaging herself all because of the internal story, “I am not good enough”.

The inner sabotage, which is fed by the story “I am not good enough” shows up in the three main ways with different variations.

  1. You don’t have the accurate perception of the reality. Jennifer’s definition of hard work was completely distorted. First of all, she spoke to just one person. The reason she was frustrated and didn’t have motivation was because she took the rejection of her service personally. In reality, that potential client either didn’t have money, wasn’t ready or was…
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